“Working with property owners to preserve their assets and to maximize their value.”

Property Assistance Realty Trust (PART) is an organization that helps people solve problems with real estate.
Our organization operates as a Not-For-Profit group which is comprised of volunteers whose purpose is to seek out and inform those with real estate-related problems and/or difficulties and provide manageable solutions.
Our volunteers are comprised of specially trained professionals from various backgrounds in real estate brokerage, financing, taxes, estate planning, and investing, including brokers, attorneys, lenders, accountants, housing specialists, investors and others who provide advice free of charge.

Facing foreclosure? Having to leave the country quickly? Divorcing?
Don’t lose your home and good credit!

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PART is comprised of two major parts:

Providing information to those in need about real estate related matters that affect them. As real estate professionals, our volunteers see difficulties that property owners face everyday. We contact those owners and let them know of the situation they are facing – most are not aware. Examples of the things that we encounter are: tax liens, foreclosure situations, family feuds, property condemnation, and even notifying people of their inherited real estate & other property, lost bank accounts, unclaimed insurance policies, and much more.

Providing solutions and resources to solve the difficulties associated with their particular situation. We sit with people and, through a series of questions, gather the information required to help them in the best manner. Some of our solutions are very simple that the homeowner can complete themselves. Other solutions are more difficult and require professionals. Property Assistance Realty Trust can recommend the appropriate professional when necessary.

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