“Helping people during difficult emotional times.”

Estates & Probate

Many times, when someone dies, the heirs face many decisions that they have never had to face before.

It is difficult making decisions in these emotional times of change. Everyone mourns the passing of a loved one differently, taking their own time – sometimes years.

The longer the time that passes before some decisions are made, the more difficult the process becomes. Some decisions should or must be made within weeks, the rest can be made later.

No matter how complicated the situation may be, we help by relieving as much of that stress as possible, allowing crucial decision making to be accomplished.

We help you evaluate the situation and, together, come up with a plan of action. Then we handle the rest giving direction to the correct attorneys, accountants, and real estate professionals as necessary concerning: trusts, businesses, bank accounts, investments, retirement funds,  and other financial accounts.

Our services primarily concern real estate; however, because the probate process affects every aspect of property, we also help with cars & other motor vehicles.

One call to us may provide the answers to questions concerning property decisions.

Phone: 925-750-8911
Email: Info@PropertyAssistanceRealtyTrust.org

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