“Choices to Improve Your Golden Years”

Special Legacy Benefit Program

Our Special Legacy Benefit Program helps you to sell your home and other properties immediately and receive structured payments over the next five, ten, fifteen, twenty, or twenty-five years.
You can choose to remain living in your home for a period of time or the rest of your life among other options.

Monthly cash for life

This is a perfect way to sell your house and receive a monthly income if you like.

You don’t have to trust your kids with the money

Many times, people are reluctant to sell the house and give the money to their kids or other heirs because they know the money will be spent foolishly. Our annuity-type payment ensures a monthly income to those heirs for many years into the future.

Tax Savings:

Sell your properties now and avoid any income tax on the sale. We help you accomplish this by utilizing one or more of several methods. Each Seller’s circumstances and desires vary; therefore, we provide options that best fit your situation.


An excellent way to enjoy an income now and leave an ongoing legacy continuing after death to your heirs, church, or other worthy cause of your choice.

This program covers every type of real estate: Houses, Commercial, Industrial, Land, and Multi-family properties (including those in different cities, states, or even countries).

For a Confidential, Private Consultation:

Contact me at (925) 750-8911 or info@PropertyAssistanceRealtyTrust.org
Alan David Kosinski, Principle Trustee & Founder

I respect the time with my clients and don’t answer calls during consultations.
If I am unable to answer, please leave your name and number along with any other details you want to share.
I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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