“We are here to help you with your real estate.”

What We Do

Dear Property Owner,

I welcome you to Property Assistance Realty Trust.

We help those whose properties are in distressed real estate situations and would benefit from our consultations.
We do not give legal, tax, or psychological advice, but are better able to help in many ways. We are paid by private trusts and our services are FREE to you. We would be happy to speak with you concerning your real estate situation and provide you with expert advice and help you to take action.

Please do not be embarrassed. We offer ethical and compassionate solutions to problems with real estate.

Our consultations are paid by Private Trusts and are FREE to you.

We assess your situation, and then help you take action. We can assist you directly in most cases and, in others, refer you to other pre-screened, ethical professionals in the fields of refinance, bankruptcy, or credit management.

Other times, we might be able to arrange for a quick and discreet sale of your property, allowing you to preserve your credit, your reputation, and your day-to-day affairs.

In some instances, people want to sell their property and make a clean break – moving someplace else in order to begin building better times and better memories.

Whatever your goals, you can rest assured that we are not just another opportunist trying to make money at your expense.

We can save you lots of time and anguish by referring you to people who can assist you.

Please take that first step of putting yourself back in charge of your life – contact me for some additional information and possibly a personal consultation at (925) 750-8911 or email: Alan@PropertyAssistanceRealtyTrust.org.

We Can Help!

Alan David Kosinski

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